High Impact Workout To Accelerate Fat Burning


Perfect for Intermediates without joint issues.

Repeat 1-3 more times for best results.

See what muscles you're working in this workout explained below


James Ko, PT, Sports Physical Therapist, Certified Metabolic Coach, Health, Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Over 50 Dad of Two

What Muscles It Works

  1. 1
    All 3 Gluteal Muscles (Maximus, Medius & Minimis), Lower Abs and IlioPsoas
  2. 2
    Quadriceps & Hamstrings
  3. 3
    Pecs, Triceps, Abs

3 Reasons WHY This Workout Leads To Results

Works the Muscles Responsible for Healthy Metabolism and Fat Burning

Works them in the correct sequence.

Works them in the correct pace. Not too fast or too slow.

*You'll feel better after 1 session. Create change after 10 sessions.  See better shape in body after 30 sessions.

**You can do this everyday for up to one month. Then it's best to change it up for better results.


Why are the workouts so short?

It's better to start slow rather than try to do too much and not do anything at all. A little done consistently brings great rewards. A lot done inconsistently doesn't bring results (and can bring injury).

Why aren't we doing more moves?

It's best to do workouts you can maintain and consistently perform for 30 days.  Add too many moves and the chances you performing them regularly are slim. And it's good to focus on the muscles that bring greatest results. These muscles are the foundation to your body. Once you get strong here, you can progress to more complex and longer workouts.  Try it for 21-30 days and see what happens :)

Why is this tempo and pace important?

Tempo and pace is key to getting results. If you don't pace your workouts and have the right tempo, you won't get much result. Too much rest in between movements won't deliver results you want.

How hard should I go?

Go at medium to medium-hard intensity for best results.  Never go beyond your max heart rate (220 minus your age).  The surgeon general recommends 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise each week to stay healthy.


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